General Insurance

RIB Pension Scheme

At Roberts, we offer a wide range of General Insurance products aimed at guaranteeing our clients maximum protection, namely:


The policy is arranged to cover damage to property as a result of burglary which involves violent, forcible exit or entry of premises and hold-up or threat of assault. It can be further extended to cover damage to buildings during robbery.

It is ideal for all types of businesses and offers valuable protection to property in the wake of frequent robberies.

Fire & Perils

The policy covers buildings, machine equipment, stock or contents against the risk of fire, lightening and standard explosion. It is arranged with specific reference to the risk and can be tailor-made to suit different situations. It can also be extended to cover certain special perils.

The benefit of this cover is therefore its ability to cushion the insured against the colossal financial loss likely to be faced when a building or property catches fire.

All Risks

This policy is intended to cover single items or equipment while in premises. It is suited for items which are portable like camera’s, laptops, e.t.c. and others susceptible to breakage as a result of damage or falling. It is intended to cover the items against all risks with the exception of the excluded perils therefore rendering it one of the widest in terms of scope of cover.

Electronic Equipment

This policy is designed to offer adequate cover to electronic equipment. Computer and accessories are normally covered under the same. It is ideal because equipment are covered against material damage and further extends to cover External Data Media and the increased cost of working following a loss.
In this electronic age, the cost of replacing lost property with attaching Data Media and increased cost of working can be quite colossal therefore rendering the policy a valuable protection.